Sonda, P6100, dupla, 100MHz, x1/x10

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Šifra proizvoda: #18243

SONDA P6100-2

Sonda, P6100, dupla, 100MHz, x1/x10

Compact size, several functions combined in one, this probe is convenient to use.
Adjustable probe attenuation, you can choose 1X or 10X by sliding the switch.
Detachable hook tip, the hook is well protected by the plastic case.
Locating sleeves ensure the stability and reliability of the tip exposed to the test point.
Marker rings in different colors help to identify different channels.
Great choice for oscilloscope probe.

Band Width: 100MHz
Rise Time: 3.5ns
Attenuation Ratio: 1X / 10X
Input Resistance: (1MΩ/10MΩ)±2%
Input Capacitance: 1X: 70pF-120pF 10X: 13-17pF
Maximum Input: 1X: 200 Working Voltage(Vp-p) 10: 600 Working Voltage(Vp-p)
Compensation Range: 10-35pF
Operating Temperature: 0-50°C
Operating Humidity: 0-80%RH


2.573,98 din (1-9 kom)
2.316,58 din (10-99 kom)
1.801,79 din (>100 kom)