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Timer modul

Module characteristics and uses:
To achieve fast turn-on and off the circuit, an unlimited number of switching;
Conducting and cutting process does not produce noise, no spark, no electromagnetic interference;
Compared with electromagnetic relay products, longer life;
The dual-MOS parallel drive, lower resistance, more current, strong power; at room temperature, operating current of up to 15A, power up to 400W, to meet the most use of the equipment;
A method for controlling the motor, lights, LED, DC motors, micro-pumps, solenoid valves, etc., very convenient.


Wide voltage input (5 č 36V), most devices can be used, very convenient;
The interface is clear and simple, powerful, easy to understand, meet almost all your needs;
The emergency stop function (“STOP” key);With reverse polarity protection, reverse polarity will not burn the product.
Increase the sleep mode, if this mode is enabled, without any operation within 5 minutes, then automatically turn off the monitor, any key wake-up;
You can set a different OP, CL, LOP parameters, which are independent of each other, and are automatically saved;
After the module is powered down, all parameter settings are not lost.

Operating mode:

P1: trigger signal, the relay is on "OP" time, and then disconnect; in the "OP" time, as follows:

P1.1: signal is triggered again, invalid
P1.2: signal is triggered again, the clock is reset
P1.3: Signal trigger again, relay off, stop the clock;

P-2: trigger signal, the relay off "CL" of time, the relay on "OP" time, and then disconnect relay;

P3.1: trigger signal, the relay is turned on after the "OP" time, the relay off "CL" time, then the operation cycle, if the trigger signal period, the relay off, stop the clock; the number of cycles ( "LOP ") can be set.
P3.2: without triggering signal, the relay is on "OP" time, the relay off "CL" time, and has been cycling; frequency ( "LOP") cycle can be set;

P-4: signal holding function. If there is a trigger signal timing is cleared, the relay remains on; when the signal disappears, after the timing "OP" time, the relay is; if another signal during timing, timing is cleared;

Product parameters:

1: Operating voltage: 5--36V.
2: Trigger Source: Active-high (3.0V-24V), have optocoupler isolation, can improve the system's anti-jamming capability (customers can also shorting common ground).
3: Output capacity: DC 5V - 36V, at room temperature, continuous current 15A, power 400W! Enhance heat dissipation conditions, the maximum current up to 30A.
4: Quiescent Current: 20mA; Operating Current: 50mA
5: Life: any switching times; Working temperature: -40-85 ; Size: 6.0*3.4*1.2cm.
6: With optocoupler isolation, enhanced anti-jamming capability, industrial grade board.

Pay attention:

The module is an active output, the output voltage equal to the input voltage.

2.'DC + 'and' load + 'This is an internal short circuit of the poles, but' DC- 'and' load - 'poles during use can not be shorted, otherwise the load can not be controlled on and off, which is equivalent load is been carrying electricity.

Timing range:

0.1 seconds (min) to 999 minutes (max) continuously adjustable

How to choose the time range?

After setting the mode selection screen parameter value by a short press "STOP" button to select the time range;
XXX. decimal point in the unit place, time range: 1 second to 999 seconds.
X decimal point in decade place, Timing range: 0.1 seconds to 99.9 seconds

X. X. decimal full brightness, Timing range: 1 minute to 999 minutes.
For example, you want to set "OP" is 3.2 seconds, then move the decimal point to decade place, the digital display 03.2
Parameter description: "OP" - conduction time, "CL" - off time, "LOP" - the number of cycles (1-999 times, "---" represents infinite loop).
These parameters are independent of each other, but is shared by each mode. For example, in P1.1 mode, set the on-time "OP" is 5 seconds, if you switch to P1.2 mode, it's "OP" will be 5 seconds too.
In the main interface (display 000), short press "SET" button will display "OP" ( "CL", "LOP") and the corresponding time XXX;
Some parameters only mode "OP" (such as the mode P1.1, P1.2, P1.3), short press the "SET" key to display only the “OP” and the corresponding time;
Some models have parameters "OP", "CL", "LOP" (such as the mode P3.1, P3.2), short press "SET" button will display "OP" and the corresponding time, “CL” and the corresponding time, “LOP” and the corresponding number of times;
In the main interface by short press "SET" key to see information about the parameters of the current mode, very convenient!

How to set parameters?

First, read the instructions to determine the required operating mode.
The module is powered up, the display at the current work mode (P1.1 default mode), then enter the main interface; press "SET" button for 2 seconds after release to enter mode selection interface; a short time by pressing "UP", "DOWN" key to select the mode (P1.1 č P-4).


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