Sprej 10 Flux SK, 200ml, Poboljšava lemnjenje

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SPREJ 10/200

Sprej 10 Flux SK, 200ml, Poboljšava lemnjenje

The solder-active intermediate protector for printed circuit boards.

An excellent soldering aid (flux), which can be used to prevent oxidation of circuit boards. FLUX SK 10 is suitable for manufacturing, repair and service purposes. Printed circuit boards often need to be soldered at a later stage, and, in most cases, the conductors have oxidised. Soldering can then only be carried out under difficult conditions, as the soldering point overheats and the conductor becomes detached from the substrate material. FLUX SK 10 offers the optimum solution to these problems, since it is an outstanding fluxing agent.


+ An intermediate protective lacquer capable of being soldered.

+ Meets the requirements of DIN 8511 F-SW31.

+ Promotes rapid soldering.

+ Prevents cold spots and localised overheating while soldering.

+ Protects circuit boards from corrosion during intermediate storage.

+ Can be applied easily and quickly.

Download: 10MSDS.pdf


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