Sprej TFT, za čišćenje TFT ekrana/monitora, 200 ml

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Sprej TFT, za čišćenje TFT ekrana/monitora, 200 ml

For quick and easy cleaning of all screens.

Technical glass cleaner, which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of computer monitor and television users. A dirt-free monitor is a basic prerequisite in this field for pleasant, easy work in an ergonomically organised workplace. Because of the inevitable build-up of static electricity, every monitor screen attracts dirt and, from time to time, requires thorough, gentle, streak-free cleaning.


+ Contains no solvents, used to clean TFT and LCD screens on: PC monitors, notebooks & laptops, mobile phones, camcorders, navigation systems.

+ Also applicable on: touch screens, cd’s, scanners, copiers.


Do not spray directly on the screen.

Download: TFTMSDS.pdf

Download: TFTMSDSa.pdf


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