Sprej 35 EMI, 200ml, Eliminiše zračenje

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SPREJ 35/200

Sprej 35 EMI, 200ml, Eliminiše zračenje

For shielding from electromagnetic interference.

Developed to provide shielding from electromagnetic waves of plastic housings in electronics. EMI 35 is a highly conductive copper-based coating, which can be used to shield against electromagnetic interference (EMI), as well as to protect against electrostatic discharge.


+ Easy to work with.

+ The coating shows good stability due to the optimum combination of binder, corrosion inhibitor and copper.

+ High degree of protection, even in difficult environmental conditions.

+ Good adhesion on and compatibility with plastics.

+ Dries very quick: handling time less than 30 min. (air-drying).

Download: 35MSDS.pdf


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