Sprej 40 Kontakt, 200ml, čisti i podmazuje

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SPREJ 40/200

Sprej 40 Kontakt, 200ml, čisti i podmazuje

The solution to many problems in workshop and factory.

KONTAKT 40’s special chemical composition makes it a reliable penetrating oil, lubricant, water displacer and corrosion protector. It forms a durable barrier against water and oxygen with its virtually invisible film of oil. The excellent spreading power guarantees an even and complete coverage of all parts.


+ Multi-purpose lubricant preventing electrical and electronic malfunction caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation or corrosion.

+ Cleans, lubricates, penetrates and loosens corrosion.

+ Prevents corrosion by displacing moisture.

+ Restores low contact resistance and stops leakage currents produced by humidity.

+ Convenient 360° spray valve, can be used in all positions.

Download: 40MSDS.pdf


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