Sprej 70 Plastik u tečnom stanju, 1 litar

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SPREJ 70/1000

Sprej 70 Plastik u tečnom stanju, 1 litar

The universal conformal coating for printed circuit boards.

A fast drying, transparent, acrylic coating, with good dielectric properties. It shields printed circuit boards or other parts from corrosive (atmospheric) influences. This film protects printed circuit boards from leakage currents and short circuits.


+ Provides a protective and insulating film against atmospheric influences such as moisture, oxidation, dust or corrosive vapours.

+ Good adhesion on metal, plastic, wood, glass, ...

+ The film is resistant to diluted acids, alkalines and atmospheric attack.

+ Can be soldered through.

+ Prevents sparking and corona effects.

+ Remains transparent and flexible even after a long period.

+ Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C.

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