Sprej 20 Positiv Plus, 200ml, izrada PCB

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SPREJ 20/200

Sprej 20 Positiv Plus, 200ml, izrada PCB

To manufacture printed circuit boards using the photo positive process.

A photo-sensitive lacquer, designed both for technical specialists and non-professionals, interested in producing single printed circuit boards or smaller production runs. POSITIV 20 not only facilitates the manufacturing of all circuit board formats, but also the making of heliogravures and the accurate transfer of photographic elements onto a wide variety of materials. Using POSITIV 20, the production of dials, front panels, signboards etc. no longer presents a problem.


+ Circuit board transparencies can be copied directly onto plates sprayed with POSITIV 20.

+ A high degree of exposure tolerance provides the conditions necessary for a high resolution result.

+ Suitable for glass, acrylics, aluminium, copper, brass, steel, ...

Download: 20MSDS.pdf

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