Sprej 75 Freeze PLUS, 200ml, Hladi na -50°C

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SPREJ 75/200

Sprej 75 Freeze PLUS, 200ml, Hladi na -50°C

Inert dry coolant spray with low Global Warming Potential (GWP). Reduction in temperature to -45°C.


• Strong cooling effect.

• Low Global Warming potential.

• Non-flammable (directive 2008/47/EC).

• Fast and problem free cooling without leaving a residue.

• High material compatibility.


• Check for thermal failures.

• Shrink fitting / removal of bushes, bearings, spindles ...

• Testing of thermostats and thermo sensors.

• Trimming / machining of rubber bushes ...

• Removal of chewing gum, adhesives, sweets ... from fabrics, curtains, carpets, chairs, etc (spray until gum is brittle and then break away).

Download: 75MSDS.pdf


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