DC Switching Laboratory Power Supply 0-50V. 0-3A

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DC Switching Laboratory Power Supply 0-50V. 0-3A

PCW07B DC Switching Laboratory Power Supply Description
The PCW07B laboratory power supply is perfect for everyone from the ambitious tinker to the professional electronics lab. With an output voltage of 0-50V and an output current of 0-3A, this power supply provides highly accurate, consistent and stable performance. In addition, the digital calibration and lock function ensures that your settings are always accurate. The overvoltage protection and built-in 4mm safety jacks provide additional security, which makes the device perfectly suited for schools and training facilities. A 4-digit LED display shows the output current and voltage, which can be easily controlled with the rotary switches. Finally, the high-quality, compact design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely durable, making this power supply a good choice for any workplace.

The PCW07B complies with all EU safety standards

PCW07B DC Switching Laboratory Power Supply Features
Suitable for ambitious tinkers, electronics labs, schools and professional applications.
0-50V output voltage and 0-3A output current
High precision
Reliable, steady and stable performance
Digital calibration & lock function
Overvoltage protection
4mm safety sockets
4-digit LED display
Rotary control switches
High quality, compact design
Multi-language manual (GER, Gr, ES, FR, PT, IT) available
Dimensions: L21.8cm W8.2cm H15.8cm; 1.2kg

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