Sprej 65 DEGREASER, 200ml Heavy Duty Cleaner!

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SPREJ 65/200

Sprej 65 DEGREASER, 200ml Heavy Duty Cleaner!

Ensures clean contacts for electric motors and equipment.

A highly effective cleaning and degreasing agent. Can be used whenever greasy and oil-based substances interfere with the smooth running of electric motors and equipment.


+ A fast-acting solvent mixture, which was especially formulated for degreasing electric motors and equipment.

+ Controlled evaporation and a high solvent power give it effective cleaning and degreasing properties.

+ Oil, grease, wax, dirt and other interfering factors do not stand a chance.

+ Cleans quickly and easily, even heavily soiled components.

+ Cleans without mechanical assistance.

Download: 65MSDS.pdf


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