Sprej 88 LUB OIL, 200ml, podmazivanje, I. klasa ulja

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SPREJ 88/200

Sprej 88 LUB OIL, 200ml, podmazivanje, I. klasa ulja

The high-grade spraying oil in an aerosol.

Makes maintenance and lubrication of even the most inaccessible points a simple job, without requiring the disassembling of apparatus, machinery or locks.


+ Precision lubricating oil, totally acid-free.

+ Does not resinify, which results in longer lubrication intervals.

+ The detergent oil dissolves dirt, resulting in better corrosion protection and lubrication of the metal surface.

+ Provides the best corrosion protection through oxidation inhibitors.

+ Does not contain silicone.

+ Creates an effective water-repellent film with good lasting qualities.

+ Gives water and moisture no chance to cause corrosion.

+ Resists to extreme temperature conditions: can be applied at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +100°C.

Download: 88MSDS.pdf


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