Sprej DUST OFF 360°, 200ml, vazduh u spreju

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Sprej DUST OFF 360°, 200ml, vazduh u spreju

Non-Flammable invertible duster for general purpose

A high pressure, inert, liquefied gas that removes dust and loose debris. It prevents electronic component errors, downtime and damage caused by microscopic dust in electronic devices, data processing equipment, servo-mechanisms and similar apparatus.

Compared to traditional aerosol based dusters, it has been formulated to minimize its long-term environmental impact by reducing its Global Warming Potential (GWP) value to 7.


• Non-flammable according to directive 2008/47/EC. High security in application.

• Low Global Warming Potential (GWP = 7). No ozone depletion potential. Minimizes the long-term environmental impact.

• Moisture and oil-free. Will not leave residues like compressed air cleaning.

• Harmless to all common materials in electronics.

• Equipped with an extension tube for an accurate cleaning procedure.

• The balanced spray system delivers e medium spray-rate / -pressure. Economic and harmless to sensitive components


• Printed circuit boards

• Miniature assemblies

• Optics and lenses

• Precision instruments

• Laboratory equipment

• Timers

• Communication equipment

• Data processing equipment

• Servo-mechanisms

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