Sprej 95 Surface, 200ml, čisti plastiku

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SPREJ 95/200

Sprej 95 Surface, 200ml, čisti plastiku

The efficient cleaner for modern office and telecommuniction equipment.

The cleaning of terminals, PC- and screenhousings and copiers can give electrical / mechanical breakdowns when using small quantities of waterbased cleaners. SURFACE 95 is water-free and prevents short circuits and corrosion. Furthermore, SURFACE 95 removes heavy dirt and gives a long lasting shine.


+ A highly active cleaning fluid.

+ Contains polishing agents, which give long lasting shine.

+ Makes treated surfaces look clean and new.

+ Water-free.

+ Has antistatic properties.

+ Compatible with most plastics and paints (test prior to use).

+ Removes grease, dirt and stains from all plastic and metal surfaces.

Download: 95MSDS.pdf

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