Sprej GOLD 2000, 200ml, za pozlaćene kontakte

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SPREJ 2000/200

Sprej GOLD 2000, 200ml, za pozlaćene kontakte

Functional protection for all metal-plated contacts.

A synthetic-based, medium viscosity lubricant, leaving a thin film. It gives long-lasting lubrication to connectors and other electro-mechanical contacts. It reduces wear on the contact surfaces and reduces damage.


+ Has a very low surface tension, which ensures that the active film is evenly distributed over the metal, penetrating into inaccessible spots and guaranteeing effective protection.

+ Can be used to significantly improve the reliability of installations and equipment in harsh industrial environments.

+ Should be used regularly, particularly where parts are subjected to frequent physical handling, in order to avoid interruptions and data loss.

+ Reduces operating costs considerably.

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