Sprej PCC 200ml, čišćenje štampanih ploča

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Sprej PCC 200ml, čišćenje štampanih ploča

Professional look for your printed circuit boards, dissolves flux residues.

After soldering printed circuit boards, flux residues do not only look unaesthetically, but can also cause corrosion damage and electrical breakdown by leakage currents. Small solder particles, bonded by flux, can create short circuits.


+ Removes all types of flux, without leaving any residue.

+ Dries quickly.

+ Compatible with solder resist coatings and most printed circuit board base materials.

+ Ensures perfectly clean printed circuit boards.

+ Ensures better resistance against formation of surface leakage paths.

+ Ensures high insulation resistance.

+ Good adhesion for coatings.

Download: PCCMSDS.pdf


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