Sprej 85 KONTAFLON, 200ml, Teflon

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SPREJ 85/200

Sprej 85 KONTAFLON, 200ml, Teflon

A grease-free PTFE-based lubricant and release agent.

The most important elements in kontaflon 85 are polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) particles, which give grease-free lubricating and releasing qualities. Wherever high-grade lubricants are required for work in an oil-free environment, kontaflon 85, the practically invisible wax-like lubricant, sets new standards.


+ Surfaces sprayed with KONTAFLON 85 have the typical characteristics of PTFE:

• Water-repellent

• Tack-free

• Does not soil or grease

• Non-conductive

• Resistant to temperatures ranging from 50°C to 260°C

• Non-flammable after evaporation of solvent

• Resistant to chemicals.

+ Good adhesion properties due to a small amount of binder.

+ Optimum alternative to mineral oil wherever clean, colourless, grease-free lubricants and release agents are required.

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